Housekeeping Services

Whatever be the scale and type of industry, good housekeeping is the hallmark of a strong brand, which in turn nurtures confidence amongst end-customers and vendors and creates a sense of belonging in the employees. We provide complete housekeeping assistance to all types of factories, industries, corporate organizations and other businesses, including those in the service industry, retail and hospitality, and healthcare.

We completely comprehend your needs and our activities and service areas include the following: 

  1. We provide housekeeping services on a professional level to corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, IT parks, retail and other allied industries.
  2. Our housekeeping services include cleaning of the premises on a daily basis, including the cleaning of interior glass, floor cleaning, window cleaning, wall cleaning and glass fits removal.
  3. We also employ housekeeping supervisors over a group of janitors. A housekeeping supervisor looks after the work done by the housekeeping staff to ensure that the process runs smoothly and as per the requirements agreed and instructions supplied.
  4. Our housekeeping staffs are highly skilled personnel who have been tested in their domains, groomed and made employable.

Every premise and every object within those premises needs a specific approach to cleaning. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Hence the only possibility is to employ people who share a passion for neatness and revel in making your enterprise look sparkling at all times.

OM Staffing has established an excellent reputation in the market and is continuously training and upgrading its staff in handling and cleaning everything, right from the latest gadgets to the most modern of offices.