5 steps to effective communication

As pomised in my last post, this post will discuss communication in more depth. If you look at the image attached to this post (I borrowed it from Tarun’s Blog) you will see the importance of effective communication.

To be able to communicate effectively, you have to:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Color your message with your mission and values
  3. Listen with your body
  4. Show your point of view
  5. Learn, rehearse and improve

Be yourself: This means that you must stand out, show who you are in terms of mission and values. With other words, you have to show your authentic self. Do not look like someone, but be the one you are! Be real!

Color your message with your mission and values: If you just discuss a case without really believing in it yourself, you will not get others to believe in it neither. You have therefore to use your values and merge these into the message. Base your examples in the discussion/communication on your values and beliefs. This will strengthen your message and make more authentic.

Listen with your eyes and body, not only with your ears: To communicate with other you have to be open and listen. Communication is a two ways transfer of information that happens in a special context. To call this action “Effective communication” we have to ensure that the parties participating in the action and transferring messages to each other understand the context.

To understand this context, you have to stop and listen. Listening is not done only by the ears. The ears hear only the words and translate the tones a communication part is producing. This is only a small part of the context of the total action of communication. When you, in addition to your ears, use your eyes and listen to the body language, you enrich the channels that are bringing the words into your brain. Many parts of the context get connected and the words get a better content.

Using this way of listening, you get not only the words that are said, but also you are able to read between the lines.

Show your point of view: Take a position! Nobody is able to persuade others of his thoughts if he does not have a clear and potent point of view. Your point of view brings together your mission and values. It highlights your attitude and shows why things should be done in the way you think is right.

Learn, rehearse and improve: Strive to become a better communicator. Communication is the tool that enables you to get your wishes fulfilled no matter what these are. Focus on continuous improvements in your communication. When you experience a successful or a failing communication. Inspect what happened, analyze the way the communication has happened and the context it happened in. rehearse and improve your way of telling your story the next time you need to bring a message to somebody!

When you master these five Principles, your become a master and can communicate with others with ease. I can guarantee you that life will become much easier and you will achieve more.